`First UK Indian PM to be from Conservative Party’

David Cameron has forecast that Conservative party is going to be the first in UK to have a British Prime Minister of Indian-origin.

London: The Conservative party is going to be the first in the UK to have a British Prime Minister of Indian-origin, Premier David Cameron has forecast as he praised the community for their hard work to make Britain what it is today.

"We were the first party to have a woman prime minister (Mrs Margaret Thatcher), we were the first party in (Benjamin) Disraeli to have a Jewish prime minister and when I look at the talent behind me I think we are going to be the first party to have a British Indian Prime Minister," Cameron said at the launch of the Conservative Friends of India.

He noted that "the values of Conservative party and values of British Indians such as caring about family are identical" and praised "the excellent contributions" of Sailesh Vara, MP, Government whip and Prity Patel, MP.

At the outset Cameron told the packed gathering at The Lawrence Hall in central London, "we would like to celebrate the success of British Indian businessmen and British Indian cricket players.
There are so many British Indians who had put in hard work to make Britain what it is today."

Referring to UK-India tie, he said, "first of all, the relation between Britain and India is incredibly strong and incredibly important. But we have to make it strongest ever."
He said sometimes people think that Indian economy was just based on call centres.
"Nothing could be farther from the truth. Indian economy is there as a dynamo to the world economy," he noted.

"Indian businesses own some of the most iconic British brands. Car companies like Jaguar Land Rover (owned by Tatas) that are selling cars all over the world. What a great combination between Indian capital and British labour that`s actually producing a world-class car. Indian investment in Britain is of top quality," Cameron said.

Referring to the scourge of terrorism, Cameron said, "We have faced the challenges of terrorism. India faced terror attack in Mumbai and in Britain we had terror attack in London 7/7. Britain and India stand together so that terror never raises its head again."

Speaking on the occasion, India`s High Commissioner to the UK, Jaimini Bhagwati said, "India deeply appreciated your vision for the growth of the bilateral partnership. We want to further deepen and diversify the bilateral relation."

He said the two countries are already working closely at the United Nations and other forums such as G-20.
"Sky is the limit for India-UK relation," he said.

Smriti Irani, BJP MP said, "I am here today as a proud Indian to express my grateful thanks to British Indians."

Lord Popat said he was proud to be involved with the Conservative party for the last 30 years He said the Conservative Friends of India would be hosting the first annual lecture where an Indian Minister would be the chief guest.

It would be followed by a Diwali lunch with a Senior British Cabinet minister as Chief Guest.


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