Frankfurt attack may be a terror strike: Germany

A shooting on a military bus at Frankfurt airport had killed two US soldiers, and injured two others.

Updated: Mar 03, 2011, 13:40 PM IST

Berlin: A shooting on a military bus at
Frankfurt airport in which two US soldiers were killed
and two others wounded, may have been a terrorist attack,
German security authorities have said.

Investigators of the German Federal Criminal Office
have received information that the gunman, a 21-year-old man
from Kosovo living in Frankfurt for many years had contacts to
persons associated with radical Muslim groups, media reports
said. The gunman was arrested after the incident in which two
US airmen were killed and another two wounded.
According to one report, the gunman had linked up his
Facebook profile with websites propagating radical views.

There are also growing indications that the attacker
was well informed about the travel plans of the US soldiers,
the reports said.

It could also be possible that he had planned it for
a long time and he may have accomplices.

Boris Rhein, Interior Minister of the state of Hessen,
where the Frankfurt Airport is located, spoke of rumours that
one eyewitness heard the gunman shouting "Allahu Akbar".

He described the attack as a "hideous crime" which
must be cleared up in cooperation with the American security

About a dozen soldiers belonging to the military
police of the US Air Force, who are stationed at the
Lakenheath air base in Britain, arrived at the Frankfurt
Airportlast afternoon from London on board a civilian flight.

They boarded the military bus parked outside the
Terminal 2 to travel to the US air base in Ramstein.
From there, they were scheduled to leave for
Afghanistan or Iraq in the coming days. Ramstein has been a
hub for military operations in the two countries.

According to police, the attacker fired several
shots at the bus, killing a soldier and the driver, who were
standing near the bus.

He then entered the bus and fired at the soldiers
sitting inside. He was overpowered and arrested by police as
he tried to escape by running inside the terminal.

Besides the local police, the Federal Criminal Office,
Frankfurt State Prosecutor and American security authorities
are involved in the investigations.

The US Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) and the
Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) are sending a large team
of specialists to Frankfurt.

German Chancellor Angela Merkel and US President
Barack Obama have sharply condemned the attack.

The German government will do everything to clear up
this "shocking incident," she said. The Chancellor also
expressed her condolences with the bereaved families of the

President Obama said the US government would
everything to find out how this "dastardly act" happened.

The operation of the Frankfurt Airport was not
affected by the attack and most of the air travellers were
unaware of it, an airport spokesman said.

Germany had stepped up the security for airports,
railway stations and other public places at the end of last
year following several warnings that Islamic terrorists were
planning to carry out attacks on high-profile targets in this