French police question man for Quran-burning video

The video maker burns a page from the Quran and urinates on the ashes.

Strasbourg: Police on Monday questioned a man in the French city of Strasbourg over an online video of him burning a page from the Quran and urinating on the ashes, a judicial official said.

Local Muslim leaders reacted with outrage at the video which identifies the maker as a 30-year-old from the eastern city`s suburb of Bischheim. He shows his face before covering it with a devil mask and carrying out the acts.

The director of Strasbourg`s main mosque, Abdeaziz Choukri, said he had alerted authorities and had spoken to the author of the video who told him he acted "in the name of freedom".

"If we do not react, we are authorising people to burn a holy book," Choukri said. "He did not seem to realise at all the impact of his gesture."

Choukri said the man had also posted previous videos in which he insulted Jews and travelling communities. He said Muslim leaders planned to press charges against the maker of the video for incitement to racial hatred.

Last month, an evangelical pastor in Florida sparked an international outcry and criticism from the US government for threatening to publicly burn the Quran on the anniversary of the September 11, 2001 attacks.


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