French writer drops plan to sue Strauss-Kahn

Tristane Banon said she`s always said that she`d file a civil suit only if her status as a victim was not recognised.

Paris: A French writer whose claim that Dominique Strauss-Kahn tried to rape her in 2003 was dropped by prosecutors says she won`t file a civil suit against the former IMF head and one-time French presidential hopeful.

Tristane Banon says she`s "always said that I`d file a civil suit only if my status as a victim was not recognised."

French prosecutors last week dropped their criminal probe into Banon`s attempted rape claim, but said that Strauss-Kahn admitted during questioning to actions that qualify for the lesser charge of sexual assault.
Speaking on Wednesday on French TV channel Canal+, Banon said the prosecutor had recognised her as a victim of sexual assault, but the case couldn`t be pursued because the three-year statute of limitations on sexual assault had expired.

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