Fully confident of our ties with Myanmar: China on Obama visit

China on Obama`s Myanmar visist said it is "fully confident" that the strategic ties with the neighbour will not be affected.

Beijing: Watching warily US President Barrack Obama`s historic visit to Myanmar, China until recently Naypyidaw`s closest regional ally under the erstwhile military junta, said it is "fully confident" that the strategic ties with the neighbour will not be affected.
"This is something between US and Myanmar. Hope this visit is conducive to peace and development of Myanmar", China`s new Foreign Ministry spokesperson Hua Chunying told a media briefing when asked about Beijing`s reaction to Obama`s ongoing visit, a first a first by US President to Naypyidaw.
Recalling close relations between Myanmar and China, she said "we are fully confident about the relationship between Myanamar and China".

Obams`s visit to Myanmar, regarded as China`s backyard with Beijing making most of the Myanmar`s diplomatic isolation during long years of Junta`s rule in Naypyidaw, as well as US President`s participation in ASEAN summit rankled China.

Its official media said Washington`s increased engagement in East Asia will "certainly bring more trouble to China".

"Obama is widely regarded as an intelligent leader. So if he learns firsthand how Thailand, Myanmar and Cambodia view the US and Sino-US relations during his visit to the three countries, he might rethink some of Washington`s policies", an article in the state run China Daily said.

"China`s rise is inevitable. It adheres to the road of peaceful development, and is committed to building harmonious relations, never seeking hegemony but standing for equal partnership and win-win cooperation.

"This is the core of Beijing`s grand strategy and also the `magic weapon` to deal with the US` strategic eastward shift", it said.

Another official Daily Global Times said in its editorial today "the proposition that countries should rely on US to balance China is tempting, but ASEAN countries lack experience in dealing with great powers. They may risk becoming the puppet of countries like the US and Japan".

"Increased US engagement in East Asia will certainly bring China more trouble. China should try to decrease the apprehension of ASEAN countries and other countries in East Asia regarding China", it said.

The daily quickly added that this doesn`t mean China should make compromises in territorial disputes.

"It should communicate patiently with relevant countries, making them understand China is not an ambitious country, and that a peaceful neighborhood is China`s basic expectation" it said.


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