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`Gaddafi a ‘monster’; world better without him`

The British Prime Minister was hopeful of the prospects of a peaceful transition of power to Libyan rebels.

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London: British Prime Minister David Cameron on Friday called Libyan dictator Colonel Muammar Gaddafi a "monster".

Speaking a day after attention a major international summit in Paris to discuss Libya’s future after Gaddafi, Cameron said the world will be better off without the Libyan dictator, who is now at large.

He told BBC Radio 4`s Today programme: "Gaddafi was a monster. He was responsible for appalling crimes, including crimes in this country and I think the world will be much better off without him."

The British Prime Minister was hopeful of the prospects of a peaceful transition of power to Libyan rebels.

Justifying the support, Cameron said backing the revolution was in the UK`s national interest and his country played an important role in the NATO-led operation to protect Libyan civilians.

He said: "A lot of armchair generals who said you couldn`t do it without an aircraft carrier, they were wrong. A lot of people who said Tripoli is completely different to Benghazi, the two don`t get on, they were wrong. People who said this is all going to be an enormous swamp of Islamists and extremists, they were wrong. People who said we were going to run out of munitions, they were wrong."

He added: "We should be proud of what our forces did."

Citing lessons from Iraq war, Cameron said” "I think one of the reasons why Tripoli is getting itself back together again in relatively good order - and of course there will be difficult days - is because it wasn`t a foreign force that knocked over Gaddafi`s regime, the Libyans did it themselves. This wasn`t done to them, they did it and so they are rapidly mending it."

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