Gaddafi not a target: NATO

The Gaddafi family`s influence is waning fast, chief NATO spokeswoman Oana Lungescu said.

Brussels: Muammar Gaddafi is "not a target"
for NATO, an alliance military spokesman said on Tuesday as
fighting between rebels and pro-regime forces raged around his
main compound in the city.

"NATO does not target individuals," said Operation
Unified Protector spokesman, Colonel Roland Lavoie.

"He is not the target," he told reporters in Brussels via
video-conference from the mission`s Naples headquarters.

"Of course we do target command and control facilities,"
he then added. "If Gaddafi is located in a command and control
facility, these are legitimate targets and we will strike"
when acting to erode his regime`s military capacity.

The Gaddafi family`s influence is waning fast, chief NATO
spokeswoman Oana Lungescu said in any case.

Asked about a heavily-broadcast appearance in Tripoli
free from chains, despite the International Criminal Court`s
chief prosecutor in The Hague having backed up rebel claims
that they had arrested Gaddafi`s son Seif al-Islam, Lungescu
said the family was "on the run".

"A brief appearance in the dead of night doesn`t indicate
to me someone who is in control of a capital," she said.

"It shows the remnants of the regime are on the run. It
will be up to the Libyan people to decide their fate.

"As we`ve seen in the Balkans... they may be on the run
for some time, but they can`t hide," she said, in reference to
captured war criminals from the wars in ex-Yugoslavia.

Eighteen years after its creation, the last of 161
suspects wanted by the International Criminal Tribunal for the
former Yugoslavia (ICTY) came before the court last month.


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