Gaddafi spokesman Ibrahim denies capture: TV

Ibrahim was the public voice of the Gaddafi regime.

Tripoli: A man claiming to be Mussa Ibrahim,
spokesman for Muammar Gaddafi, denied on Sunday claims he had been
captured by forces of the country`s new regime outside of the
deposed Libyan leader`s hometown of Sirte.

"This information is a lie and does not reflect reality,"
the man said in a live telephone interview with Syrian-based
Arrai television, which has become a conduit for declarations
by Gaddafi and other elements of his former regime.

On Thursday, field commanders with Libya`s National
Transitional Council said Ibrahim had been captured as he
attempted to flee Sirte in a car, with some reports saying he
was dressed as a woman.

Those claims quickly came into question, with a spokesman
for the NTC`s Misrata military council saying the next day:
"We cannot confirm he was arrested."

Yesterday, the website of the former state television
channel Allibiya said "Mussa Ibrahim has not been captured."
"This is a mendacious rumour aimed at distracting
attention from the rebels`... defeat at the hands of the
heroic forces in Sirte."

In the interview on Arrai, the purported Ibrahim said
claims of his capture could not be true because at the time he
was said to have been captured "I was near the Sirte front
with 23 fighters. We were under attack by very well-armed
rebels for more than a day and a half, and we suffered

Ibrahim was the public voice of the Gaddafi regime.
Since NTC fighters overran Tripoli on August 23, he has
continued to issue statements through Syrian-based Arrai
television from an unknown location, although not so
frequently in recent days.


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