Gaddafi’s presumed dead daughter may be alive

The daughter of Muammar Gaddafi was thought to have been killed in an US airstrikes in 1986.

Tripoli: The daughter of Libyan leader Colonel Muammar Gaddafi who was thought to have been killed in an US airstrikes in 1986, may be alive and working as a doctor in Tripoli, documents found in the dictator’s house have suggested.

Gaddafi even set up a shrine to the six-month-old infant in his Tripoli compound, with replica American missiles and furniture preserved behind glass screens. However, it now appears that the dictator had cooked up a fake story to arouse hatred against the West and win sympathy from ordinary Libyans, a newspaper reports.

The documents also suggest that one room in the compound that was apparently occupied by Hana Gaddafi, contained a Sex and the City DVD box set, pop CDs featuring the Backstreet Boys and even cellulite treatments.

Photographs of a woman in her mid 20s wearing medical clothing were found on her shelves.

The papers also revealed that Hana was a powerful figure within the Libyan medical profession, and had even used her status to block the careers and promotions of colleagues. It added that ‘several hospitals were under her guidance’.

She reportedly spoke fluent English and regularly travelled to London on shopping trips.

The 1986 airstrike, ordered by President Ronald Reagan, was in retaliation for a Berlin nightclub bombing by Libyan agents in which two US soldiers died. Twenty years after her alleged ``death``, the regime had organised a ``Hana Festival of Freedom and Peace`` in her honour.

When the family`s assets were frozen in Switzerland in February amid the Libyan uprising, Hana was listed in documents as one of 23 members of the Gaddafi family. Her date of birth was given as November 11, 1985, making her 25 if she is still alive.

Earlier this month, files found in Knightsbridge revealed that a dentist had travelled to Libya to treat ``Hana Gaddafi`` in 2008, which the doctor neither accepted nor denied.


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