Gaddafi`s son Saif a sex addict: Ex-wife

Nadia, a blue-eyed brunette claims to have met Saif when she was working as a stripper at a Moscow nightclub.

London: Saif al-Islam was a womaniser who often indulged in domestic violence, according to a Ukrainian woman who claims to be a former wife of the captured son of slain Libyan dictator Muammar Gaddafi.

Nadia, a blue-eyed brunette claims to have met Saif, now 39, when she was working as a stripper at a Moscow nightclub, and says that as she prepared for marriage to him, she had to fly to Paris to have an operation to "restore" her virginity.

"The doctor proved my innocence in the presence of Saif`s aunt. Then I embraced Islam. I tried to have a normal family, but Saif wanted to live as single man with lovers and orgies," the `Daily Mail` quoted her as telling a Ukrainian newspaper.

The 29-year-old woman added: "Our house looked like more as bordello: a lot of his friends and a lot of women. We got married under religious traditions. I embraced Islam for that, but nobody treated me as the mistress of the house.”

"My husband tried to make me a submissive Eastern woman and I couldn`t stand that attitude. Saif took drugs and he couldn`t control himself when he was under narcotics. He had certain sexual perversions in sex, for example, he liked to do it in public. I understood that we couldn`t live together."

Nadia has claimed that their relationship ended after a furious row in a restaurant which culminated with him beating her and throwing her out of a window, but she miraculously survived though she was in a coma for 47 days.

Of Col Gaddafi himself, she said: "About me being in hospital, he was in a fury. He kicked Saif away to the desert. It could spoil the reputation of the family that was already not so clean."

She left Libya and returned to Moscow. `The last time he came was in 2008, and he suggested that we lived together again -- but I was cold to him by that time," she said.


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