'Gang of thugs' ISIS will never prevail: US vice president Joe Biden

'Gang of thugs' ISIS will never prevail: US vice president Joe Biden

Describing Islamic State as a gang of thugs wrapped in ideology, US Vice President Joe Biden today said the militant group will never prevail and the world stands united in its resolve to destroy the evil terror outfit. 

"They want us to turn our backs on Muslims victimised by terrorism. But this gang of thugs peddling a warped ideology, they will never prevail. The world is united in our resolve to end their evil," Biden said, replacing US President Barack Obama in his weekly radio and web address to the nation. 

"The only thing ISIL can do is spread terror in hopes that we will in turn, turn on ourselves. We will betray our ideals and take actions, actions motivated by fear that will drive more recruits into the arms of ISIL. That's how they win," he said. 

Biden said this past week the world has seen the best and the worst of humanity. 

"The heinous terrorist attacks in Paris and Beirut, in Iraq and Nigeria. They showed us once again the depths of the terrorist's depravity," he said. 

"And at the same time we saw the world come together in solidarity. Parisians opening their doors to anyone trapped in the street, taxi drivers turning off their meters to get people home safely, people lining up to donate blood," he said. 

"These simple human acts are a powerful reminder that we cannot be broken and in the face of terror we stand as one," said the vice president. 

Responding to those opposing Syrian refugees, he said there is multiple layer of security before they are allowed to enter the country. 

"Let's set the record straight how it works for a refugee to get asylum. Refugees face the most rigorous screening of anyone who comes to the United States," he said. 

First they are finger printed, then they undergo a thorough background check, then they are interviewed by the Department of Homeland Security. 

And after that the FBI, the National Counterterrorism Center, the Department of Defence and the Department of State, they all have to sign off on access, he added. 

"And to address the specific terrorism concerns we are talking about now, we've instituted another layer of checks just for Syrian refugees," he said. 

"There is no possibility of being overwhelmed by a flood of refugees landing on our doorstep tomorrow. Right now, refugees wait 18 to 24 months while the screening process is completed. And unlike in Europe, refugees don't set foot in the United States until they are thoroughly vetted," Biden said.

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