German Airbus A320 plane crashes: As it happened

A “black box” flight recorder has been found at the site of the Germanwings plane crash believed to have killed 150 people, the French interior minister has announced, as the remote location of the disaster continues to hamper the rescue effort.

German Airbus A320 plane crashes: As it happened
  • Meanwhile, Wolfgang Niersbach, president of the German Football Association confirms World champions Germany will wear black armbands and there will be a minute`s silence before tomorrow`s friendly international in Kaiserslautern against Australia to honour the victims of the French Alps air crash.
  • According to Flightradar24, which tracks air traffic in real time from all around the world, has on Twitter retweeted a post which shows the satellite picture of the images of the crashed plane's wreckage.
  • 16 German teens along with their two teachers are assumed dead in France air crash, says the mayor of Haltern am See, the students` hometown in northwestern Germany. "The city is deeply saddened," Bodo Klimpel adds.
  • "A black box was found and will be delivered to investigators," Cazeneuve tells reporters, as quoted by AFP.
  • French Interior Minister Bernard Cazeneuve confirms that one of the black boxes from the Germanwings plane that crashed in the Alps has been found.
  • Spain PM Rajoy to visit France plane crash site Wednesday, says spokesman.
  • Barack Obama briefed on deadly France plane crash, US offers help: White House.
  • Foreign Minister Frank-Walter Steinmeier says, "Our thoughts are with those fearing that their loved ones are among the victims".
  • According to France24, a crisis center has been established at the city hall in Haltern, which is about 48 miles (77 kilometers) north of Duesseldorf's airport.
  • There were 144 passengers (including two babies) and six crew members aboard Germanwings Flight 9525, an airline spokesperson.
  • 67 Germans believed to have been on crash jet, says Germanwings.
  • Meanwhile, in Barcelona, from where the plane took off Tuesday morning, police escorts people, some of them crying, through a terminal and takes them to a secure part of the airport.
  • "The zone is snow-bound and inaccessible to vehicles,” says French Transport Minister Alain Vidalies.
  • Helicopters flying over the crash site have already spotted debris, but the remoteness of the area is likely to make further examination a slow and difficult process.
  • Meanwhile, emergency services could be seen attending the scene.
  • There is yet little information on what caused the crash and French police says they are currently not working on any hypothesis.
  • "It is going to take days to recover the victims, then the debris," senior police officer Jean-Paul says.
  • No survivors left in Germanwings Airbus A320 crash: French police at crash site.
  • A billboard at Cologne Bonn airport advertises Germanwings airline. 
  • Wagner further says the plane’s pilot had more than 10 years' experience working for Germanwings and its parent airline, Lufthansa.
  • Wagner did not say whether there were any survivors, however, he adds that it was not currently possible to give more information on how the crash occurred. "I promise that we will do everything to clear up the events thoroughly. We are endlessly sorry for what has happened," he adds.
  • The last routine check was yesterday, March 23, in Dusseldorf - by Lufthansa technicians, says Wagner.
  • The last major check was, according to the manuals of the Airbus, in summer 2013: Wagner  
  • Flight A320 went into 8-minute descent before crashing, says Wagner.
  • “I express deep sorrow for the family members of the deceased passengers,” says airlines CEO during a press conference.  
  • Germanwings CEO Oliver Wagner says, “There were 144 passengers and six crew members -- meaning 150 people onboard flight 4U9525  -- on Tuesday's doomed Germanwings flight.”
  • “The aircraft’s contact with French radar, French air traffic controllers ended at 10.53am at an altitude of about 6,000 feet. The plane then crashed,” Germanwings’ managing director Thomas Winkelmann tells journalists at a news conference, as per France24.
  • Expressing condolences, Hollande says, “Want to thank the emergency services provided during the crisis situation.”
  • “Crash of the Germanwings flight is extremely unfortunate. We share the sorrow & pain of the families of those on board,” PM Modi tweets.
  • Prime Minister Narendra Modi expresses sorrow for the families of those killed in Airbus A320 airliner crash.

  • Angela Merkel says she will travel to French crash region on Wednesday, says AFP.
  • Spanish King Felipe cancels his state visit to France following the crash.
  • "The crew did not send a Mayday. It was air traffic control that decided to declare the plane was in distress because there was no contact with the crew of the plane," says civil aviation authorities.
  • Spanish Prime Minister Mariano Rajoy tweets that he will return to Madrid and put together a "crisis team" that will head to France to work with French and German authorities on the investigation.
  • German Foreign Minister Frank-Walter Steinmeier says that he's been in contact with his French counterpart and "we will cooperate closely."
  • Spanish Airports and Air Navigation, the air transportation agency for Spain's government, tweets that an area in Barcelona's airport is being set aside "for the relatives of the victims of the plane accident in France."
  • Germanwings` managing director Oliver Wagner says "Our deep sympathy goes out to the relatives and friends of the victims."   
  • Witness says he heard a series of long noises before passenger plane crashed in the Alps, according to a news agency.
  • "In light of the information available at the present time we cannot say whether there are survivors or how many there might be," Germanwings chief executive, Oliver Wagner says in a brief statement on German television.
  • German Chancellor Angela Merkel "shocked" about the crash of a German airliner in the French Alps.
  • "It will take some hours for the emergency services to reach (the) crash site," says French President Francois Hollande.
  • It further tweets, "We do not yet know what has happened to flight 4U 9525. My deepest sympathy goes to the families and friends of our passengers and crew." 
  • "If our fears are confirmed, this is a dark day for Lufthansa. We hope to find survivors," tweets Lufthansa.
  • According to Lufthansa`s Twitter feed, Chief Executive Carsten Spohr says it would be a "dark day" for the German flagship airline if fears of a deadly crash were confirmed.
  • In a Twitter message, after French officials said nobody survived the accident, Spanish Prime Minister Mariano Rajoy said, “Shocked by the air accident in the Alps. A tragedy. We are cooperating with the French and German authorities in the investigation.”
  • News agency AFP says Germanwings says 144 passengers and 6 crew on crashed plane.
  • Victims of Germanwings crash were most likely from Spain, Germany & Turkey, says French President Hollande.
  • 45 passengers  are believed to be Spanish, report said.
  • Meanwhile, Lufthansa chief Carsten Spohr has said that if confirmed, it will be a "dark day for Lufthansa".


  • French PM Valls has tweeted that the air crash "this morning plunged France into a deep sadness. Compassion and solidarity with all the victims' families".
  • Search-and-rescue teams were headed to the crash site at Meolans-Revels, Eric Ciotti, the head of the regional council has said, reports a news agency.
  • There are conflicting reports about whether the ill-fated plane sent any distress signal. Some reports say that the plane sent a distress signal at around 10:47 am local time (9:47 am GMT).
  • Germanwings A320 D-AIPX is one of the oldest A320 with serial number 0147 and was delivered in Nov 1990
  • The plane's descent speed is said to be about 3000-4000 feet per minute, which is said to be quite standard for an airport approach, the Flightradar24 reported.
  • Flight 4U9525 is said to have flown to a height of 38,000 feet initially before it started plummeting down and lost signal at 6,800 feet, said ​Flightradar24.
  • According to Flightradar24, which tracks air traffic in real time from all around the world, has on Twitter posted the satellite picture of the flight's descent after climbing to 38,000 feet. It also posted the picture of the last position of the flight before crash.
  • French Interior Minister has meanwhile said that the debris from the crashed plane has been found at 2,000 meters altitude near a French village.
  • Calling the crash as a "tragedy on our soil", Hollande added  that many victims were probably German and that he would speak to German Chancellor Angela Merkel shortly.
  • French President Francois Hollande too added that out of 148 on board, there were no survivors. He said that the plane had crashed in a remote inaccessible area and it was not clear whether anyone on the ground had been hurt. 
  • Tragically, no survivors are expected as French PM Manuel Valls has confirmed that some 140 to 150 passengers have lost their lives in the crash, the cause of which remains unknown, reports Reuters.
  • According to a flight monitoring site, Germanwings A320 D-AIPX had around 25 years of service. It was one of the oldest A320 with serial number 0147 and was delivered in Nov 1990, reported Flightradar24.
  • Meanwhile, Lufthsana's Germanwings that operates the plane, has tweeted that it is yet to have any 'definite information' about the crash.

  • According to the details reported by local La Provence newspaper, the Airbus A320 was carrying 142 passengers, two pilots and four cabin crew.
  • Flight 4U9525 bound for Dusseldorf went off the radars at 09:39 UTC in the French Alps.

Above are the live updates about the crash.

Airbus A320 Germanwings plane carrying at least 142 passengers on board is said to have crashed near Digne, south of France, reports said Tuesday.

Flight 4U9525 flying from Barcelona to Duesseldorf  lost communication at 09:39 UTC.near French Alps.


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