German govt nominates Wulff as next president

Christian Wulff is a deputy leader of conservative Christian Democrats.

Berlin: Germany`s government on Thursday nominated the 50-year-old governor of Lower Saxony for the nation`s presidency, days after the previous head of state`s surprise resignation.

Chancellor Angela Merkel tapped Christian Wulff as her party`s candidate to replace President Horst Koehler, who stepped down on Monday after appearing to link military deployments abroad with the country`s economic interests.

Standing next to a smiling Wulff at a press conference at the Reichstag Parliament building in Berlin, Merkel said he would make "a wonderful future president”.

"I`m happy that he is willing to go this way with the people during these difficult times, during a big global financial crisis, when the future of Europe is at stake," Merkel said.

Wulff is a deputy leader of Merkel`s conservative Christian Democrats and is widely expected to be elected June 30 by an assembly of 1,244 state and federal lawmakers, where Merkel`s coalition has a majority. The opposition Social Democrats and Green Party said they would nominate a candidate tomorrow (Friday).