Getting back home not my main concern: Thaksin

Shinawatra has said that he can return home from his self imposed exile on his own steam.

Bangkok: Thailand`s ousted Prime Minister
Thaksin Shinawatra has rubbished allegations by the opposition
that a key goal of the constitutional amendments undertaken by
the government led by his sister was to facilitate his return
home from exile.

Shinawatra has said that he can return home from his self
imposed exile on his own steam, and did not need the country`s
constitution to be rewritten.

"I have my own way of getting back home without having to
rewrite the charter to favour me," Thaksin said, adding "My
main concern is not how to get home, but to see how our
country can develop well, and how Thais can live better."

The opposition Democrat Party and other anti-Thaksin
groups had alleged that a key goal of the charter change
process, now underway, was to change the status of the
monarchy and also to bring Thaksin home without having to
serve his two year jail term.

"For me, getting back home or not is not my main concern.
I am happy enough living abroad," Thaksin was quoted as saying
by the Bangkok Post from Dubai, where he lives in self-exile
since fleeing a 2008 conviction for abuse of authority.

Thaksins sister Yingluck Shinawatra became prime minister
last year. Her government last month pushed through parliament
legislation to establish a panel to rewrite the 2007
constitution, drafted by backers of the coup that toppled

Last October, the government returned back his passport,
despite strong opposition from his political opponents.

Thaksin, the elder brother of the Prime Minister, said
the ruling Pheu Thai Party had made it clear that the section
concerning the monarchy status would stay intact.

Parliament has endorsed on their first reading three
bills to amend the constitution which will lead to the
establishment of a panel to rewrite the charter.

Except for the section on the monarchy, which should stay
intact, Thaksin said the constitution must be rewritten.

When Thaksin was in power, he was accused of dominating
and directing many independent bodies such as the Election

Thaksin was ousted by royalist generals in 2006 and lives
mostly in Dubai to avoid a two-year prison sentence for
corruption that he contends is politically motivated.