Global terror lives on 10 yrs post 9/11: Israel PM

Israeli Prez wrote to US Prez to express his solidarity with the American people and the bereaved families, on the anniversary.

Jerusalem: Ten years after the 9/11 attacks,
Islamic militancy remains a global threat against which the
world must unite, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu
said on Sunday.

"Today, we mark exactly one decade since that monumental
terrorist attack in which almost 3,000 innocent civilians of
various nationalities were murdered in New York and
Washington," a statement from Netanyahu`s office quoted him as
saying at the weekly cabinet meeting.

"That al Qaeda attack on the United States marked the
peak of a wave of terrorist attacks, which nevertheless
continued in Madrid, London, Bali and Mumbai," Netanyahu said.

"The struggle against radical Islamic terrorism, which
is, in effect, a description of the past decade, is at its
peak; it is not yet over. We must all unite, countries that
aspire to life, certainly the democracies that cherish life,
and act in concert against this blight."

Israeli President Shimon Peres wrote to US President
Barack Obama to express his solidarity "with the American
people and the bereaved families," on the anniversary, Peres`s
office said.

"The people of Israel have shared in the joys of your
nation, and cried with you a decade ago on the day America was
attacked," the letter said.

"Today, we again bow our heads as America mourns its

"Nobody can destroy freedom," Peres concluded, "You
preside over the promise that all of mankind, all human
beings, can enjoy it."



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