Google`s ex-China boss a big hit among millions of Chinese

Google have taken back seat in China after its protracted row with Chinese censors.

Beijing: Google may have taken back seat
in China after its protracted row with Chinese censors last
year, but the American company`s former country chief Kai-fu
Lee on Sunday emerged as leader of the country`s burgeoning micrco
bloggers with over 10 million visitors.

Lee is the second micro-blogger, after sporting icon
Liu Xiang, to win so many visitors, state run Xinhua news
agency reported. Lee`s micro-blog at
received over 10.3 million hits making him big hit among the

Every day Lee, who founded a new company, "Innovation
Works", posts a host of subjects in his blog offering a wide
content of news and entertainment besides a wide content of
fun which was a major attraction for students.

Mirco blogs in China was regarded as the new fast
emerging media countering the strangle hold of the Chinese
official media.

With internet connection surpassing 457 million this
year, China`s bloggers numbers too are growing by the hour.

While official media reports pegs micro blogger
numbers around 64 million, but micro blog web sites like Sina.
com claims it crossed 100 mllion last year.

Lee`s postings cover such topics as company updates,
hot issues of science and technology industry, college
students` development, and his own family life.

Lee maintained that the micro-blog, with a maximum
of 140 Chinese characters, now enjoyed even more influence
than traditional books and TV programmes in certain instances,
the news agency report said.

Micro-blog is really beginning to change everything,
he said, noting that it could serve as the best communication
platform to tell the truth, safeguard people`s rights and
interests and make friends.

Lee just published his new book about micro-blog
earlier this month. He said he wrote on the micro-blog to keep
a record of his thoughts and fun things he experienced and to
influence the society and others positively.

After leaving Google China in mid-September in 2009,
Lee, a Taiwan born Chinese launched the new company of
"Innovation Works" aimed at helping young Chinese
entrepreneurs develop Internet and mobile computing

He headed Google in China when the Company faced the
wrath of Chinese internet firewalls while opposing intrusive
censors of its content.

The American search engine which at one time enjoyed
over 30 per cent share of the Chinese market, even shifted its
headquarters from Beijing to Hong Kong but finally gave in
agreed to go by the rules after which its contract to operate
from China was renewed.