Greek extremist group claims parcel bombings

Greek extremist group Conspiracy of Fire Nuclei claimed responsibility for parcel bomb attacks.

Athens: The Greek extremist group Conspiracy of Fire Nuclei on Tuesday claimed responsibility for a series of parcel bombs that were sent to foreign leaders and embassies earlier this month, police said.
In a letter sent to the Indymedia website, two presumed members of the group, who were arrested in Athens and placed under provisional detention in the wake of the bombing campaign, claimed "the dispatch of parcel bombs to French President Nicolas Sarkozy, the headquarters of the World Court in the Hague and the embassies of Belgium and Mexico in Athens."
More than a dozen packages containing explosives in dossiers and hollowed-out books were sent from Greece to European leaders and foreign embassies November 4 and 5.

A total of 13 presumed members of the extremist group are being sought by Greek authorities who view it as a "terrorist" organisation.

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