Greek PM on rest after eye surgery, to miss EU summit

The EU summit that is scheduled to take place in Brussels next week on June 28-June 29.

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Athens: Greece`s new Prime Minister Antonio and incoming Finance Minister Vassilis Rapanos will both miss the EU summit next week because of their health conditions, reports said Sunday.

The EU summit that is scheduled to take place in Brussels next week on June 28-June 29, will now be represented by Foreign Minister Dimitris Avramopoulos and outgoing Finance Minister George Zanias.

Greek PM Samaras who underwent an eye surgery for a damaged retina on Saturday, has been advised by the doctors not to fly so he can’t attend the crucial summit where Greece is expected to negotiate its terms of bailout in order to bring some respite to the ailing economy.

The Finance Minister Vassilis Rapanos too was taken to the hospital on Friday, hours after he fainted and he needs to remain hospitalized for 2-3 days for observation.

There are reports that the troika representing Greece’s international lenders, namely, the EU, European Central Bank and International Monetary Fund, have cancelled a visit to Greece that was scheduled on Monday because of Greek PM’s health.

They were to review and negotiate the changes that could be made to Greece’s bailout, in wake of the new Greek government having thought about some easing of the austerity.

Samaras was sworn in as Greece`s fourth prime minister in eight months on Wednesday, ending a protracted political crisis that had raised fears of Greece being forced to leave the eurozone. Such a scenario would have global repercussions.

He heads a three-party coalition government with the socialist PASOK party and the small Democratic Left, a power-sharing deal that was formed after his conservative party came first in June 17 elections, but without enough votes to form a government on its own.

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