Greek police nab nine suspected terrorists

The weapons include 7 handguns, 3 machine guns, grenades, 200 grams of TNT.

Athens: Counter-terrorism police raided hideouts across Greece belonging to terrorism group Sect of Revolutionaries, confiscating a cache of guns and explosives and arresting at least nine people, reports said on Sunday.

Police officials said three machine guns, seven handguns, grenades and 50 kg of explosive powder and 200 grams of TNT were discovered in a basement apartment in the Athens suburb of Nea Smyrni.

The two groups have been responsible for a variety of attacks in recent years, including the killings of a policeman and a journalist by the Rebel Sect.

Police said more searches were being conducted in other suspect locations in Athens and Thessaloniki in northern Greece as part of the operation.

Greece has a decades-long history of leftist violence and some groups have sprung up or become more active since December 2008, when the killing of a teenager by police triggered three weeks of rioting and attracted global attention.

The Rebel Sect emerged in February 2009 in a gun and grenade attack on an Athens police station. Weeks later, two hooded gunmen fired dozens of shots at a TV station in southwestern Athens, causing no injuries.

Giolas was shot dead in front of his pregnant wife July 19 outside their Athens home.

The group has vowed to increase attacks on police, business people, prison guards and corrupt media, in addition to tourists.

Reports said police discovered a hit-list in one of the apartments, leading them to suspect the group was planning an assassination in the next few days.

The Sect of Revolutionaries first emerged after the rioting over the death of teenager Alexis Grigoropoulos, killed by a police bullet in December 2008.

Last month, another Greek left-wing anarchist group, Conspiracy of Nucleo of Fire, claimed responsibility for a series of parcel bombings in Greece. The majority of the 14 packages were intercepted by police and destroyed.


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