Hillary Clinton lands in Shanghai ahead of key China-US talks

US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton arrived in China for a visit set to culminate next week.

Updated: May 21, 2010, 23:48 PM IST

Shanghai: US Secretary of State Hillary
Clinton arrived in China on Friday for a visit set to culminate
next week with wide-ranging talks in Beijing, with tensions
running high over North Korea.

Clinton touched down in Shanghai, where she was on
Saturday to visit the US pavilion at the World Expo before
heading to the Chinese capital on Sunday.

Next week in Beijing, she and US Treasury Secretary
Timothy Geithner were to lead the US delegation in two days of
key talks with China on everything from trade disputes to the
value of the yuan to the international standoff on Iran.

But the sinking of a South Korean warship, blamed by
investigators on North Korea, threatens to overshadow the key
annual "strategic and economic dialogue" between the world`s
number one and number three economies.

Earlier today in Tokyo, the US secretary of state
condemned Pyongyang for its "provocative behaviour", one day
after a multinational panel said a North Korean submarine
torpedoed the Seoul ship Cheonan in March, killing 46

"We cannot allow this attack to go unanswered by the
international community," Clinton said, adding that she looked
forward to "intensive consultations in China" on the matter.

"It`s premature for me to announce options or actions
without that level of consultation with regional nations that
are most directly affected by North Korea`s behaviour," she

China is North Korea`s sole major ally, fulfilling most
of the poverty-stricken nation`s food and energy needs.

Beijing`s support is seen as key for any international action
targeting the North.

"Few global problems can be solved by the US or China
alone, and few can be solved without the US and China
together," Clinton said in a commentary published on Friday in
China`s state-run Global Times ahead of her arrival.