Hillary proposes relations between India-China-US

India`s leadership will "help to shape" positively the future not only of South and Central Asia, but also of the Asia Pacific.

Washington: Secretary of State Hillary
Clinton on Sunday proposed a "strong, constructive" relationship
between India, China and the US to solve "pressing issues" of
the 21st century.

India`s leadership will "help to shape" positively the
future not only of South and Central Asia, but also of the
Asia Pacific, she said urging New Delhi not just to "look
East, but to engage East".

Outlining a new US thinking, 63-year-old Clinton told
PTI here that her country was committed to a strong,
constructive relationship among India, the US and China.

"We know this will not always be easy. There are
important matters on which we all disagree, one with the
other. But we do have significant areas of common interest.

"Ultimately, if we want to address, manage or solve some
of the most pressing issues of the 21st century, India, China
and the US will have to coordinate our efforts," she said.

The Secretary of State answered questions on Indo-US
ties, India`s role in world affairs and the recent US spat
with Pakistan over its approach in dealing with terrorism.

Appearing to soft-pedal the strain in US-Pak ties,
Clinton said Washington was deeply committed to long-standing
relationship with Pakistan "despite the complexities and
challenges that sometimes arise".

Appreciating India`s engagement with other countries,
Clinton said it can serve as a model for the entire region.

Another example of India`s leadership as a regional
partner is the nearly USD 2 billion it has provided to help
build a stable, secure and prosperous Afghanistan, she said.

Pointing out that US and India were making progress on a
broad range of issues, including regional security,
development and renewable energy, Clinton said more American
companies are encouraged to invest in India, and her country
welcomes India`s investments, which are helping to create

She also talked about the partnership with India through
educational and cultural exchange programmes, saying, at next
week`s US- India Higher Education Summit here, the two sides
will discuss their shared strategic vision to improve areas of
cooperation apart from identifying new areas to grow the
exchange programmes.

"We want to see more students and faculty from India have
the opportunity to study in the United States, and for the
same number of American students and faculty to study in
India," she said.

On the relationship with Pakistan, Clinton said the US is
deeply committed to its long-standing relationship with
Pakistan despite the complexities and challenges that
sometimes arise.

"Though we have had our differences, both of our
countries recognise the critical need for continued
cooperation across a wide range of issues and especially in
our shared fight against terrorism. Together we have worked to
destroy, dismantle and defeat al Qaeda," she said.



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