Hillary to resume private life after Obama`s term

Hillary left on a 10-day trip to Europe and Asia during which she would be landing in New Delhi on July 19 for the Second India-US Strategic Dialogue.

Washington: Stating that she was physically tired from the "merry-go-round" of the public life,
US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton has said that she would
retire to private life after the first term of President
Barack Obama and then probably write a book.

"I am very interested in spending time with my friends
and my family and not being on the merry-go-round all the
time, which is one of the reasons why I have decided that I
will move on and return to private life at the end of what
will be a very intense period of activity and work in the next
18 months," Hillary told the BBC in an interview.

Hillary yesterday left on a 10-day trip to Europe and
Asia during which she would be landing in New Delhi on July 19
for the Second India-US Strategic Dialogue.

"I believe what I say and I work to try to see life
improve, particularly for women and girls, and I love what I’m
doing," Hillary said in response to a question.

"I sometimes think I`m the best-known unknown person.
I`m always amazed when people and sometimes interviewers but
sometimes just citizens around the world will say something
to me about me that I think, well, no, I didn`t do that or I
didn`t say that or I don’t like that. So I’m always amused by
that," she said.

"But look, I don`t think anybody in the public eye can
ever be totally known. That`s a misnomer, even though people
are constantly in the press and therefore, you think you know
them," she said.

Hillary said American leadership in this world is very
essential for promotion of human rights and dignity, freedom,
economic opportunity.

"I am well aware that for the years prior to this
Administration, there were a lot of questions about what we
were doing. And of course, there are those who say, well,
history will look back and see Iraq as a great success, and I
hope that’s the case. But I think much of what we did was
because we were attacked on 9/11, and I think we made fiscal
and budgetary decisions that undermined America’s strength at
home and abroad," she said.

"So what we`re trying to do, and what I am personally
am committed to doing, is moving on a very steady path toward
restoring America`s influence and leadership. That`s why going
to Asia was important. That`s why continuing to pay attention
to Latin America and Africa, working with regional
institutions that can espouse the same values that we think
are the best way to live and for societies to flourish," she

"When I took this job, people said, well, you can
either try to do that or you can pick one or two or three
things. I don`t think this is a time to pick one or two or
three things. And I`m well aware of others might well choose
a different perspective, but that`s how I see what I’m doing,"
Hillary argued.

When asked whether she feels tiredness after waking up
in the morning, 63-year-old Hillary said: "I really don`t. I
wake up and say I`m tired so I better get up and get going."

"I try to take some time, long weekends, take some
deep breathing. I do exercise, yoga, those kinds of things.
But no, I`m never tired about the work. It`s just the physical
challenge," she added.


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