Hindus should receive Jesus as saviour: US senator

Kentucky State Senator, David Williams had lashed out at Guv Steve Beshear, for his participation in a `bhoomi poojan.

Washington: The governor of the US state of Kentucky found himself at the receiving end of criticism from his Republican challenger, who termed his participation in a Hindu ceremony as `idolatrous`, sparking anger in the Hindu
American community.

Kentucky State Senator, David Williams, a hopeful for the
gubernatorial post, had lashed out at Governor Steve Beshear,
for his participation in a `bhoomi poojan` or ground breaking
ceremony of a manufacturing facility last week.

Williams charged that the actions of Beshear were
tantamount to "idolatry".

He stated that as a Christian, he would not participate in
Jewish, Muslim, or Hindu prayers, and hoped Hindus would open
their eyes and "receive Jesus Christ as their personal

The comments have enraged the Hindu American community,
with the Washington-based Hindu American Foundation (HAF)
strongly condemning it as a "blatant attack".

"The words of Senator Williams are not only an affront to
Hindu Americans, but all Americans as he conjures up the
lowest sentiments of exclusion and bigotry," said Suhag
Shukla, managing director and legal counsel of HAF.

"He`s shown he`s ignorant and intolerant -- two qualities
we hope Kentuckians will reject at the polls," Shukla said.
William is challenging Beshear in the State Gubernatorial
elections. He trails the incumbent by a nearly 2-1 margin in
the polls.

William also criticised the Governor for sitting
cross-legged with a "dot on his forehead", and described the
ceremony as "polytheistic".


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