Hiroshima A-bomb museum draws 60 millionth visitor

The museum features exhibits about atomic bombing of Hiroshima by the US.

Hiroshima: Hiroshima Peace Memorial Museum, featuring the exhibits about atomic bombing of the city by the United States, registered its 60 millionth visitor since its inception in August 1955.

Koichiro Maeda, director of the museum, said, "It`s a large number equivalent to nearly half the population of Japan. We feel its significance".

The museum in Naka Ward in Hiroshima City said its visitor count has exceeded one million persons per year since fiscal 1979, with foreign visitors topping 100,000 annually since fiscal 2002.

The 60 millionth visitor was Ryo Kitamura, 33, a company employee from Higashi Ward, Fukuoka City, who was accompanied by his wife and daughter.

The family received a museum catalogue from director Maeda.

Kitamura said, "I am surprised and happy. This was my first visit in well over a decade when I visited on a junior high school excursion. I wanted to show it to my child."

The museum is planning to refurbish its facilities, starting with the East Building in fiscal 2013.