Hispanic poverty grows in US

Census showed extreme poverty in the US especially affects Native Americans.

Washington: Nearly 22 percent of Hispanics in the United States lived below poverty levels between 2005 and 2009, compared to 13.5 for the total population, according to La Opinión newspaper.

The California newspaper, which ascribes the information to the US Census Bureau, stated that from nearly 44.5 percent of Latinos living in the country, 9,800,000 were in that group, considered the third ethnic group with the highest poverty.

The Census showed that extreme poverty in the United States especially affects Native Americans and Alaska Natives, with 25.9 percent, followed by African Americans, with more than 25 percent. Whites, with 10.8 percent, is the group that lives on less economic hardship, although the number of people is beyond 23,600 billion.
The US Community Survey is based on an annual study, which includes a five-year socio-economic analysis for the first time.