Hitler’s propaganda chief Goebbels a ‘sex-crazed lothario’

A book has revealed that Joseph Goebbels had scores of affairs.

London: A book has revealed that Nazi Germany’s propaganda chief Joseph Goebbels, who walked with a limp, had scores of affairs and was a lothario nicknamed “the ram”.

The book, written by Peter Longerich, a history professor at the University of London, is the first work to address Goebbels as more than simply the propaganda genius of the Third Reich.

Goebbels, who suffered from polio, is revealed to have been a depraved, sexually obsessed individual, and an Olympic-class seducer whose “pathological narcissism” led him to record his conquests.

Professor Longerich, a German, was for the first time to able to gain access to some of the more than 30,000 sheets of paper Goebbels had left behind, detailing his conquests.

Professor Longerich’s 912-page book ‘Joseph Goebbels: Biography’ revealed that the propaganda chief first fell in lust at 16 – with the stepmother of one his school friends.

“Eros awoke. Sentimental period. Besides which love for mature women,” Goebbels wrote in his journal in 1912.

He went on to describe his other affairs, which included sisters Liesl and Agnes while studying in Bonn in 1917, and Anka Stalherm when he moved to Freiburg to study.

He was also obsessed with Czech actress Lida Baarova, which angered Hitler because she was a racially “inferior” Slav.

As he climbed the ladder of Nazi politics, the tempo of his lust increased.

“He had various affairs, often two or three on the go at the same time,” the Daily Mail quoted Professor Longerich as writing.