Hitler’s ‘secret UFOs’ planned to attack London, NY?

A report says Germans destroyed much of the paperwork on their activities.

London: It may sound unbelievable at first, but according to a new claim, Hitler’s scientists built him a ‘flying saucer’ which was to be used to attack New York and London.

The programme, under the command of SS officer Hans Kammler, was said to have made significant breakthroughs in anti-gravity experiments, says a report in the German science magazine PM, reports the Daily Mail.

The magazine quotes eyewitnesses, who believe they saw a flying saucer marked with the Iron Cross of the German military flying low over the Thames in 1944.

It adds that the Germans destroyed much of the paperwork on their activities but in 1960 in Canada, UFO experts managed to recreate the device, which to their amazement, ``did actually fly``.

Prisoners of the Allies claimed to have seen the silvery flying saucer, which was about six yards across, on several occasions.

Joseph Andreas Epp, an engineer on the project, said 15 prototypes were built. He described how a central cockpit was surrounded by rotating adjustable wing-vanes, which formed a circle and gave the craft lift.

After the war, many German scientists helped with the US space programme. Added to that, claims of Igor Witkowski, a Polish former journalist and historian of military and aerospace technology, only add to the theory.

In his book, ``Prawda O Wunderwaffe`` in 2000, he claims that a bell-shaped craft was being created by the Nazis and that Hitler wanted the best scientists and engineers at his disposal.


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