Holder reassures Muslims of US’ anti-bias focus

US Attorney General reiterated his resolve to prosecute hate crimes.

Millbrae: Attorney General Eric Holder used a speech before a Muslim advocacy group near San Francisco to reiterate his resolve to prosecute hate crimes.

Speaking to the group called Muslim Advocates during their annual dinner in Millbrae last night, Holder said he has heard from many Muslim and Arab Americans who feel uneasy and singled out by law enforcement.

The organisation is one of several groups voicing concerns over hate crimes, alleged rights violations and the use of stings in anti-terrorism cases.

Holder also told the group he would make "no apologies" for the handling of a Somali-born Muslim accused of plotting to set off a bomb in Oregon.

After the arrest of Mohamed Osman Mohamud, someone set fire to an Islamic centre where he worshipped.