I`m no Khomeini: Tunisia’s Ghannouchi

The leader of a Tunisian Islamist party says his views are more moderate.

Tunis: The leader of a long-outlawed Tunisian Islamist party says critics should not compare him to the father of Iran`s Islamic Revolution and should accept that his views are more moderate.

Rachid Ghannouchi says "some Western media portray me like (Ayatollah Ruhollah) Khomeini, but that`s not me."

Ghannouchi returned to his North African country on Sunday after more than two decades in exile in Britain. He says his political movement, Ennahdha, wants to reinforce women`s rights.

Ghannouchi was able to return home two weeks after autocratic President Zine El Abidine Ben Ali was forced from power by violent protests.

Ben Ali`s ban on Ghannouchi`s party hasn`t officially been lifted, but the new interim government has been tolerant of it.

Bureau Report