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In Egypt, fighting anti-Islam cartoons with cartoons

A secular Egyptian daily has come out with its latest issue publishing cartoons mocking the anti-Islam views.

Zeenews Bureau

Cairo: In what can be seen as a thoughtful yet sharp retort to French weekly’s Prophet Muhammad cartoons, a secular Egyptian daily has come out with its latest issue publishing cartoons mocking the anti-Islam views, under the tag "Fight cartoons with cartoons".

Al-Watan, an Egyptian daily known as a secular paper, has published a bunch of interesting cartoons spread over a couple of pages, reports BBC.

Cartoons highlight how Muslims face a biased behavior by Westerners, especially the US, as one of the cartoons, captioned "Western glasses for the Islamic world", shows a pair of glasses with a view of burning World Trade Centre.

Another cartoon features two Muslims attired differently – one dons jacket and hat along with a small beard while the other one who is turbaned, is shown with his toothy grin peeking out through a long beard.

A torch with a US flag print on it is shown flashing on the latter person, not on the man in jacket and hat.

The cartoons serve as sharp and intelligent riposte to French weekly Charlie Hebdo that had last week published cartoons mocking Prophet Muhammad.

Charlie Hebdo seemed to cash in on the widespread wrath in Muslim world triggered already by an anti-Islam film. The film that portrayed Muhammad as a fraud and philanderer provoked violent protests across the world, leading to several deaths, including the killing of US envoy to Libya Christopher Stevens.

French weekly’s cartoons too, were met by a small group of protesters marching to French embassy last Friday.

Fearing the backlash, French authorities had ordered closure of French embassies and schools across 20 countries.

At a time, when anti-Islam film has been met by violent protests resulting in killings and bloodshed, the Egyptian daily al-Watan’s response serves as an ideal way to protest.

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