Incidents of teachers having sex with students on rise in US?

Incidents of female teachers having sex with teenage students seem to be on the rise in the US.

New York: Incidents of female teachers
having sex with teenage students seem to be on the rise in the
US, with the latest being that of a 27-year-old woman who has
been arrested for allegedly making love with a 16-year-old
pupil in her car.

Ashley Blumenshine was held behind a department store
in Plainfield, Illinois, after police caught her in a car with
the teenage student; cops believe they had sex shortly before
the officers arrived, the `Daily Mail` online reported.

The dance and physical education teacher at Plainfield
North High School is being held in custody charged with having
sex with the student, a junior at the school. Her attorney has
said that the unmarried teacher is innocent.

Will County State Attorney`s Assistant Mary Fillipitch
has said that both occupants admitted they had just engaged in
consensual sexual intercourse. A condom was taken as evidence
from the vehicle, the report said.

Blumenshine`s just the latest scandal.

Jennifer Riojas, 27, a teacher in Texas, was pregnant
when arrested for sexual assault in November after allegedly
having sex with a student, 16, in motels. Similarly, social
studies teacher Megan Baumann, 27, pleaded guilty to texting
naked photos to three male students in Tennessee.

Another 40-year-old dance teacher Gina Watring of
North Carlonia is serving a five-year jail term after pleading
guilty in September to having sex with a 10-year-old student.

31-year-old Carlie Rose Attebury, a teacher in California, was
convicted in November for having sex with a student under 16.

Marcie Rousseau, who was 33 and married when charged,
is being tried for allegedly having sex with a student on five
occasions. The 17-year-old testified that Rousseau told him
she loved him, too, when he was 16.