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`India, China fighting for jobs of the future`

Last Updated: Tuesday, August 17, 2010 - 09:56

Washington: US President Barack
Obama said that America will not settle for the second place
in the international community when other countries like
India, China, Germany and South Korea are competing and
fighting for the jobs of the future.

"Other countries that are out there, they are
competing; they are fighting for the jobs of the future. India
China, Germany, South Korea. Let me tell you, the United
States of America does not play for second place. We play for
first place," Obama said while addressing an election campaign
in Milwaukee.

He said that the US was going to rebuild its economy
and rebuild it better and stronger than it was before.
"At the heart of that strategy will be three powerful
words: `Made in America.` We are going to make things right
here in the United States of America and sell them all around
the world," he said.

The President asked the people to choose between the
policies that encourage job creation in the US and policies
that encourage job creation someplace else in this election.

"So instead of giving tax breaks to companies that
ship jobs overseas, we want to cut taxes for small-business
owners who create jobs right here in the United States of
America," Obama said.

The US President said his administration wants to
jump-start a homegrown clean-energy industry.

"I don`t want to see new solar panels and wind
turbines and electric cars manufactured someplace else. I want
to see them stamped with `Made in America,` by American
workers," he said amidst a round an applause.

Obama said the US is investing in a 21st-century
infrastructure, not just new roads and bridges, but faster
Internet access and high-speed railroads, projects that can
lead to hundreds of thousands of new private-sector jobs.

"These ideas shouldn`t be Democratic or Republican
ideas; they are commonsense ideas. Yet, most of the
Republicans in Congress voted no on just about every one of
these policies.
"You remember when I was running, we had a little
slogan, `Yes, We Can`? These guys` slogan is, `No, We Can`t.`
No, on closing loopholes for companies that ship jobs
overseas. No, on the tax cuts for small businesses. No, on the
clean-energy jobs. No, on the railroad and highway projects,"
he said.

Obama said the America he believe in, that always
moves forward, rewards hard work instead of greed, rewards
responsibility instead of recklessness.


First Published: Tuesday, August 17, 2010 - 09:56
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