India presses for UNSC expansion to meet global challenges

India sought a reform of institutions of global governance including an expansion of the UN`s top decision-making Security Council.

Updated: Oct 01, 2012, 23:59 PM IST

United Nations: India sought a reform of institutions of global governance including an expansion of the UN`s top decision-making Security Council to reflect contemporary realities for converting Monday`s challenges into opportunities.

The world today was "faced with multiple global challenges that transcend national boundaries," Indian External Affairs Minister SM Krishna said in his address to the UN general assembly outlining the problems ranging from tepid recovery from the downturn in the global economy to the scourge of terrorism.

"Developing countries are still to recover from the downturn in the global economy. Their quest for poverty eradication and sustainable development remains an uphill task," he said.

"The West Asia and North Africa region is seeing unprecedented socio-political upheaval. The question of Palestine remains unresolved," Krishna said.

"And, threats emanating from terrorism, maritime piracy, drug trafficking and proliferation of weapons of mass destruction continue to multiply."

"These challenges demand that we act to work for solutions in a concerted and coordinated manner. This is the only path to success," he said suggesting a reform of the architecture of global governance to reflect contemporary realities.

"The most important and decisive step towards remedying this situation pertains to the UN Security Council, which must be expanded in both permanent and non-permanent categories," Krishna said.

"The reformed Council must include countries that are capable and willing to bear additional burdens relating to the maintenance of international peace and security and be able to sustain global campaigns against new and emerging global threats," he said.

"Equally, India will promote and lend her weight for enhancing the voice and participation of developing countries in decision making in global economic and financial institutions," he said.

The IMF`s quota reform process must be accelerated with altered quotas reflecting contemporary economic weight, Krishna said.

Expressing support for the government and people of Afghanistan, Krishna said the "continuing existence of safe havens and sanctuaries for terrorists beyond Afghanistan`s borders is the major impediment to the restoration of peace and security in Afghanistan."

Calling terrorism as one of the most potent threats to international peace and security, he also asked the world to show the necessary political will to agree on a Comprehensive Convention on International Terrorism.