`India pursuing independent foreign policy`

An influential Chinese daily dismissed perception that India`s `Look East Policy` is aimed at collaborating with US to contain China.

Beijing: India has been pursuing an independent foreign policy based on its national interest, including good ties with Beijing, an influential Chinese daily
said on Friday, dismissing perception that New Delhi`s `Look East Policy` is aimed at collaborating with US to contain China.

"India lately held a trilateral dialogue with the United States and Japan, and it has also close contacts with Vietnam, Myanmar and some other Southeast Asian countries," an article in the state-run People’s Daily Online said today on India’s
Look East policy.

"However, it cannot be deemed as collaboration of the United States and India. India has been pursuing the independent foreign policy and mainly considers its own interests," it said

The article said "it is hard to imagine that India will completely follow the foreign policies of the United States".

"India has an all-round diplomatic policy and it both maintain relations with the United States" and takes account of "relations with other countries".

It said India keeps "a close contact with Russia, Japan and the European Union countries and its relation with China is also positive," it said.

Stating that India had submitted "positive proposals" at the recently held BRICS summit in New Delhi, the daily said "it is groundless to think its Look East Policy` and the American strategy of eastward transfer are converging", it said.

The daily said while the strategy of eastward transfer "catered to the psychology of India`s misgivings and precautions against China”, it "also manifested its enthusiasm".

The article is second such write up by Chinese state-run think tanks in recent months, acknowledging that New Delhi was pursuing an independent policy, dismissing earlier perceptions that India`s East Asia push into Beijing’s neighbourhood was aimed at containing China.