`India, US working together to contain LeT`

A top US military commander has described it as a "dangerous" outfit with a lot of international design.

Washington: Renewing focus on Pakistani
terror group Lashkar-e-Taiba (LeT), a top US military
commander has described it as a "dangerous" outfit with "a lot
of international design."

Claiming that the group boasts of good "operational
security," Admiral Robert Willard, the PACOM Commander, told
the US Congress that America and India were working together
to contain LeT.

Willard said Pakistan-based LeT is a very dangerous
organisation. It not only has very good operational security,
but also a lot of international design in terms of their

"So it is a very important threat, and we`re working very
closely with the nations in the region to help contain it," he

The PACOM Commander was responding to a question from
Congressman Joe Wilson as to what effort was being made to
counteract threat from LeT.

In his prepared statement, Willard told lawmakers that
the US and India were working together on containing LeT:

"Responsible for many attacks in India, including the horrific
attacks into Mumbai, LeT is headquartered in Pakistan,
affiliated with al Qaeda and other VEOs, and contributes to
terrorist operations in Afghanistan and aspires to operate
against Asia, Europe and North America."

In 2011, he said Pacific Command`s Indian Engagement
Initiative resourced and hosted Mumbai counter-terrorist
specialists for training, exercises, and exchanges throughout
the US.

He said Washington with South Asian partners was mainly
focused on containing LeT and contributing to
counter-terrorism self-sufficiency of the sub-region`s