Indian among 7 killed in Oakland shooting

The shooter walked into a classroom, lined up students against a wall and shot them one by one, Jordan said.

Washington: A 38-year-old Sikkimese was among
the seven killed by a disgruntled college student who carried
out an execution type killing spree in a religious college in
California that also left an Indian-American girl injured.

Tshering Rinzing Bhutia, 38, of San Francisco, was killed
when the gunman stole his car outside the school yesterday

Bhutia was born in Sikkim and lived alone in San
Francisco`s North Beach neighborhood and worked nights
cleaning terminals in city`s airport, Oakland Tribune

He was also studying nursing at Oikos, a tiny Christian
college and also worked in restaurants.

The Indian-American who was injured was Dawinder Kaur,
who was shot in her right arm near elbow.

She is nursing her injuries at a local hospital in
Oakland, where the shooting incident happened yesterday,
sending shock waves across the country.

The alleged suspect has been arrested by the Oakland
Police, which local media outlets identified as 43-year-old
One Goh - an American of Korean origin.

Several of the victims were students of the Oikos
University - a small religious college in the Southern
Californian city.

According to the daily, Kaur told her family members that
the alleged gunman, who had been absent from his class for
past several months, suddenly appeared yesterday and ordered
all the students to line up against a wall.

"He showed his gun and then the students started
running," Kaur told relatives.

Oakland Police Chief Howard Jordan said the shooter
walked into the single-story building, took a receptionist
hostage and went looking for a particular female
administrator. The man walked into a classroom, lined up students
against a wall and shot them one by one, Jordan said.

"This was a calculated, cold-blooded execution in the
classroom," Jordan was quoted as saying by CNN.

After the shooting, the man left the classroom, reloaded
his semi-automatic weapon and returned, he said.

Giving furtehr details of the incident, the daily said
Kaur was shot in the arm as she helped a friend who had
fallen on the classroom`s floor; she then ran outside and
called her brother, Paul Singh.

"She told me that a guy went crazy and she got shot. She
was running. She was crying; she was bleeding, it was wrong,"
Singh told Oakland Tribune.

Five people were declared dead on the spot, while two of
the five wounded succumbed to injuries at the hospital.

Balvir Singh, Kaur`s father, said that he was lucky that
his daughter survived.

The family is "lucky she is alive," he said.

"We are thankful that God saved her. The gunman should
get the full consequences that he deserves for doing this to
these people," Singh said.

Pastor Jong Kim, who founded the school about 10 years
ago, told the Oakland Tribune that the shooter was a former
nursing student, though he was unsure whether the man had been
expelled or dropped.

Oikos University is a Christian university that focuses
on nursing.

Television footage showed bloodied victims on stretchers
being shifted into ambulances. It also showed some bodies
covered in sheets were laid out on a patch of grass.

Oakland Mayor Jean Quan said most of the victims appeared
to be from the city`s Korean-American community, and the city
was working to find multilingual counselors to help survivors.


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