Indian-origin sentenced to death in Singapore

A Malaysian of Indian-origin has been awarded death for drug trafficking.

Singapore: A Singapore court has
sentenced to death a Malaysian of Indian-origin for
drug trafficking, a media report said Friday.

Dinesh Pillai Reja Retnam, 27, carried the drug from
Johor in Southern Peninsular Malaysia on a motorcycle via a
causeway link to Singapore on December 19 2009, a third run
for delivering 19.35 grams heroin to a Singapore contact.

Justice Chan Seng Onn dismissed Dinesh`s claim he was
not aware of it being drugs but presumed it was food for the
Singapore contact. Judge Chan said Dinesh should have believed
the package contained drugs as he had delivered such package
on two previous occasions.

On the second delivery, Dinesh was handed SGD 9,600 by
the Singapore contact to be passed to the Johor drug supplier.

The prosecution pressed that Dinesh was wilfully blind
to the fact that he was importing drugs into Singapore.

Earlier this month, Singapore Court of Appeal had also
dismissed an appeal by another Malaysian for importing drugs
into Singapore.

Yong Vui Kong, 23, now faces death by hanging for
having been convicted of trafficking 19.35 grams of heroin
four years ago. Singapore law imposes mandatory death penalty
on anyone found guilty of trafficking in 15 gram or more of


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