Indo-US ties to be defining partnership of 21st century: Jones

A top Obama administration official has said that America`s relationship with India would be the defining partnership of the 21st century.

Washington: Ahead of the first
Cabinet-level Indo-US Strategic Dialogue, a top Obama
administration official has said that America`s relationship
with India would be the defining partnership of the 21st

Deepening and strengthening US`s relationship with
India is part of the administration`s overall plan to expand
its cooperation with the 21st century centres of influence,
said National Security Adviser General (rtd) James Jones said.

"With regard to advancing a just and sustainable
international order, just as we did after World War II, the US
must take the lead in shaping an international architecture
that can galvanise collective action to address our global
challenges," he told reporters at the Washington Foreign Press
Centre after the White House released its National Security

"To develop a just and sustainable international order
that can address global challenges, this part of the strategy
focuses on ensuring strong alliances, which are the
foundations of US regional and global security in Europe, in
Asia, in the Americas and in the Middle East and Africa, by
constantly cultivating and strengthening these indispensable
partnerships and deepening coordination and cooperation."

"By expanding cooperation with 21st-century centres of
influence, such as Russia, with which we have reset relations,
we`ve agreed to a new START arms control treaty and forged
cooperation on issues ranging from Afghanistan to Iran; India,
with which our growing relationship will be one of the
defining partnerships of the 21st century; and China, with
which we have forged a strategic and economic dialogue to
advance mutual interests on areas such as global economic
recovery and nonproliferation," Jones said.

"By strengthening institutions for cooperation,
including the UN, regional organisations such as NATO,
international financial institutions and by reforming the
international economic architecture and making the G-20 the
premier forum for international economic cooperation. And by
leveraging American leadership to sustain broad international
cooperation to address global issues," he said.

The National Security Strategy says the US is part of
a dynamic international environment, in which different
nations are exerting greater influence, and advancing its
interests will require expanding spheres of cooperation around
the word.

"Certain bilateral relationships such as US relations
with China, India and Russia will be critical to building
broader cooperation on areas of mutual interest. And emerging
powers in every region of the world are increasingly asserting
themselves, raising opportunities for partnership for the US,"
the National Security Strategy said.

Jones said at this moment of sweeping change, this
strategy of national renewal and global leadership will build
the source of America`s strength and influence and shape a
world that`s more peaceful and more prosperous.

Many difficult challenges lie ahead, but the US will
emerge stronger from this time of testing, he asserted.

Giving a brief account of the National Security
Strategy, Jones said to advance US security and our that of
its allies and partners, this strategy focuses on a number of

"First, ending the war in Iraq through a responsible
transition to an Iraq that is sovereign, stable and
self-reliant. And that is on track. Second, pursuing a focused
strategy to disrupt, dismantle and defeat al Qaeda and its
violent-extremist affiliates in Afghanistan, Pakistan and
elsewhere in the world," he said.

"Third, stopping the spread of nuclear and biological
weapons and securing vulnerable nuclear materials that may be
adrift in the world. Fourth, pursuing a strategy to secure and
protect against the full range of threats and hazards to our
communities and to enhance our resilience as a nation."

"And fifth, advancing peace, security and opportunity
in the greater Middle East, to include efforts to seek a
two-state solution that ensures Israel`s security and achieves
Palestinian statehood and an Iran that meets its international

"Sixth, by investing and in building the capacity of
partner states to ensure that they are able to provide
security, governance and basic services. And lastly,
protecting and securing cyberspace while safeguarding privacy
and civil liberties. With regard to advancing our prosperity,
even as we ensure that our economic recovery is broad and
sustained, we will continue to lay the foundation for the
long-term growth of our economy and competitiveness of our
citizens in a global economy," he said.

"To advance economic growth and promote an open
international economic system, this National Security Strategy
focuses on strengthening education and the skills of our
workforce, to enable us to compete in a global economy of
vastly increased mobility and interdependence," he said.

"Transforming our energy economy to power, new
industries reduce our dependence on foreign oil and address
climate change, re- establishing American leadership -- in
science, technology engineering and math -- and expanding
educational exchanges to forge new knowledge and
partnerships," Jones said.

"In reducing the federal deficit, spending taxpayer
money wisely and engaging allies and partners, to share
burdens for our collective security.

And in working with partners including through the
G-20 to end the old cycle of economic boom and bust and
promote growth that is balanced and sustained in the United
States and elsewhere in the world," he said.

"And lastly faster, sustainable and more inclusive
development that accelerates economic progress in emerging

With regard to advancing universal values, America
will not impose any system of government on another country.

But our long-term security and prosperity depends on our
steady support for universal values," Jones said.

"Time and again our values have proven to be our best
national security asset. To advance values that are universal,
this strategy focuses on promoting these values through the
power of our example, by living them at home, including
through our fidelity to the rule of law and our rejection of
practises such as torture," he said.


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