‘Internet not to be blamed for London riots’

Google’s head said that it would be a mistake for governments to try to interfere with the Internet.

London: Google’s head Eric Schmidt has said that the Internet should not be blamed for the recent riots that took place across London and it would be ‘a mistake’ for governments to try to interfere with the Internet in the wake of the riots.

“It`s a mistake to look in the mirror and decide to break the mirror,” the Telegraph quoted Schmidt, as saying.

“The fact of the matter is whatever the problem was, whatever the underlying problem was, the Internet is a reflection of that problem but turning on and off the Internet is not going to fix it,” he said.

“You better fix whatever the underlying problem was,” he added.

Prime Minister David Cameron told MPs after the riots that the government was trying to establish how to stop the Internet from being a tool organising disruption.

When asked about Twitter`s role during the escalating violence in London, Metropolitan Police Acting Commissioner Tim Godwin said that he had contemplated seeking the authority to switch it off.

However, he added that the ‘legality of that is very questionable and additionally it is also a very useful intelligence asset.’


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