Iran arrests four "terrorists": Report

The four were allegedly paid by a Kurdish militant based in Britain.

Tehran: Iranian authorities have arrested four people they say were paid by a Kurdish militant based in Britain to carry out assassinations, state-run Press TV reported on Thursday.

"Iran`s Intelligence Ministry says it has arrested four Britain-linked terrorists in the western city of Marivan, who carried out five assassinations in the last two years," the English language TV channel said on its website.

The report said the men were paid by the commander of Komala, an Iranian Kurdish party it described as a "terrorist" group which it said had carried out several assassinations in western Iran since the Islamic Revolution in 1979.
The news comes on the day Iranians commemorate the seizure of US embassy in Tehran after the 1979 revolution which has come to symbolize the Islamic Republic`s resistance to western aggression. The embassy building is referred to as the "Den of Espionage”.

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