Iran asks US to change approach before talks

Iran and the US have had no diplomatic ties for more than three decades.

Berlin: Iran`s supreme leader called on the US on Wednesday to change its approach before asking Iran to resume talks, ISNA news agency reported.

"Naturally if they (US) step down from the rotten imperialistic ladder and fully clarify their aims, then we would be ready for talks," Ayatollah Ali Khamenei said in a meeting with the country`s officials.

"But currently they seem to be less after holding talks and more after using force," added the ayatollah, who according to the Iranian Constitution, has the final say on all state affairs.

Iran and the US have had no diplomatic ties for more than three decades.

Hopes on both sides that the presidency of Barack Obama would put an end to the political estrangement faded after Iran neither made any concessions in the nuclear dispute nor in the dilemma in the Middle East.

"We are in favour of talks but not in the shadow of threats and sanctions," the ayatollah said, referring to the latest United Nations Security Council sanction resolution that was initiated and supported by Washington.

"The US approach towards us is still based on rejecting our Islamic system and we in return still reject the imperialistic nature of the US," Khamenei said.

He said that the US should know that Iran would not bow to any pressure and "especially not make any concession in the nuclear field and continue pursuing its rights until production of its own (nuclear) fuel."

Referring to a probable military attack by the US against Iran`s nuclear site, the Ayatollah doubted such a scenario would be realised.

"I doubt that they would commit such stupidity but if they realised such threats, then they should know that the Iranian reaction would not be limited to our (Persian Gulf) region but be far more expanded," Khamenei warned without further elaborating.



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