Iran ‘biggest exporter’ of terror: Israeli PM

Benjamin Netanyahu asked the global community to draw a "red line" against Iran`s alleged support to acts of terrorism.

Jerusalem: Accusing Iran of being the world`s "biggest exporter" of terror, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu on Wednesday asked the global community to draw a "red line" against Tehran`s alleged support to acts of terrorism following a series of blasts in India and Thailand.

"Iran is the biggest exporter of terror in the world. Iran`s terror operations are now exposed for all to see," Netanyahu said during a Knesset (Israeli parliament) plenum, a
day after a botched terror attack in Thailand, which Israel believe was meant to target its ambassador in Bangkok.

"Iran is undermining the world`s stability and harms innocent diplomats. World countries must condemn Iran`s terror acts and draw a red line. This aggression, if not stopped,
will eventually spread," the Israeli Premier warned.

Four Thai nationals were wounded in Bangkok in a series of blasts yesterday when a cache of explosives ignited at a house, apparently by mistake.

One explosion blew off the leg of an Iranian who had fled, carrying what looked like grenades.

Israel also blamed Iran and Hezbollah, Lebanese Shi`ite faction supported by Tehran, for the bombing of an Israeli diplomatic car in New Delhi that wounded four people, including a diplomat`s wife, on Monday.

A similar bomb targeting Israeli diplomats in Georgia was found under a car but neutralised on time.

Tensions between Tel Aviv and Tehran have risen sharply after three bomb incidents in world capitals.

An Israeli woman diplomat was injured in yesterday`s attack in New Delhi but a similar attack in Tbilisi was averted when the explosive device was discovered.