Iran embellishing nuclear gains: Israel’s Barak

Israel`s Defence Minister Ehud Barak said that the Iranians are presenting a situation as better than what it really is.

Jerusalem: Israel`s Defence Minister says Iran`s latest claim of dramatic advancements in its nuclear program is exaggerated but that Tehran`s nuclear pursuits remain a threat.

Defence Minister Ehud Barak told Israel Radio on Thursday that the Iranians are "presenting a situation as better than what it really is”.

Barak dismissed as a "show" the broadcast on Iranian state TV on Wednesday of President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad overseeing what was described as the first Iranian-made fuel rod inserted into a research reactor in Tehran.

Barak also says he doubts Iran`s claim that a "new generation" of Iranian centrifuges, used to enrich uranium toward nuclear fuel, had gone into operation.

Iran claims it isn`t seeking an atomic weapon but that its nuclear program is for peaceful purposes.

Bureau Report

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