Iran General urges Afghans to fight US

A senior Iranian military commander urged Afghans to use force to kick American troops out of their country.

Tehran: A senior Iranian military commander
urged Afghans today to use force to kick American troops out
of their country, hinting that "new resistance groups" could
launch attacks on US interests in Afghanistan.

General Masoud Jazayeri, a senior figure in the powerful
Revolutionary Guard and the deputy head of the Joint Chiefs of
Staff, said there are indications that Afghans will "soon open
new fronts" against "the obsolete, worn-out American empire."

The US has accused Iran`s Revolutionary Guard of supplying
powerful roadside bombs to militants in Afghanistan fighting
NATO forces. Iran has denied that it is supplying arms to
fighters in Afghanistan.

Anti-US sentiments have grown in Afghanistan after the
killing of 16 civilians, including nine children, allegedly by
a US soldier in southern Kandahar province, as well the
accidental burning of Quran holy books by American troops.

The US soldier has been identified as Army Staff Sgt.
Robert Bales, 38.

"Based on the existing indications, new fronts will soon
be opened against invaders in order to ground the obsolete,
worn-out American empire," Jazayeri said.

"Creation of resistance groups and hitting American
interests are among measures that can be taken."

He did not elaborate. The comments by Jazayeri were posted
today on the Guard`s website, It is the
strongest comments ever by an Iranian official against
American troops in Afghanistan.

"The Americans must know that the Afghan nation ... is
tired of the illegitimate presence of invaders ... and deserve
to use force and offensive operations to kick invading enemies
from their soil," he said.

Jazayeri said Afghans should make their territory unsafe
for American troops.

"The United States should not be immune from the biting
attacks for insulting Quran and massacring the innocent Afghan
and Pakistani people. American troops must experience the
bitter taste of revenge so that they won`t feel security in
any part of the region," he said.

The US and Tehran are at odds over Iran`s controversial
nuclear programme, and some analysts fear that Iran will
respond with proxy forces if the confrontation becomes

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