Iran growing `suicide fleet` to patrol Persian Gulf: Report

Last Updated: Wednesday, December 8, 2010 - 16:19

London: Iran is secretly growing a
fleet of "suicide ships", with deadly explosives engineered
into their hulls, to patrol the Persian Gulf, a media report
said, quoting an Iranian defector.

In fact, more than 9,000 such "suicide" speedboats, to
be piloted by extremist "martyrs", are being built by crackpot
naval commanders in Iran, `The Sun` reported.

The defector, an ex-military engineer asked to design
the crafts, has revealed the secret plot after fleeing Iran.

"They wanted me to help build a vast fleet of suicide
boats. It`s shocking. That amount of explosives is deadly. I
love Iran and that`s why I`m revealing this. No one in Iran
wants a war," he was quoted as saying.

The vessels, which will patrol the Persian Gulf where
British and US forces operate, can be rammed into the side of
"enemy" ships and each carries just enough explosives to rip a
seven-metre hole in a boat`s keel, the report said.

Around 30,000 kamikaze captains are being trained to
steer the ships, a source claimed.

And, there are plans to build 15,000 of the six-metre
vessels. Their C4 explosives go off when rammed into larger
ships, the report said.


First Published: Wednesday, December 8, 2010 - 16:19

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