`Iran, Hezbollah seeking to attack Israeli targets’

Iran and Lebanon`s Islamist Hezbollah militants are seeking to attack Israeli targets in several countries.

Jerusalem: Iran and Lebanon`s Islamist
Hezbollah militants are seeking to attack Israeli targets in
several countries, a top counter-terrorism official warned
on Friday.

Warning Israeli citizens abroad to be careful of
suspicious objects and adhere to the directives of local
security agencies, the unnamed official at Israel`s
Counter-terrorism Bureau said that Iranian and Hizbullah
operatives are planning anti-Israel attacks around the world.

Israel has been on high alert in the aftermath of the
bomb incidents in India, Thailand and Georgia on Monday and
Tuesday that Israeli officials alleged were aimed at diplomats
from the Jewish state.

"I call on Israelis abroad to show awareness and take
basic steps to reduce possible harm," the official told
reporters, speaking on condition of anonymity and without
giving further details.

He adviced Israeli abroad "take note of suspicious
objects and refrain from taking packages from strangers" and
"be attentive to the directives of local security forces."

The Israeli security forces are, however, not in
possession of any specific information concerning a particular
country in which such an attack could take place, the official
said citing only a general warning.

He indicated that an investigation of Iranian nationals
apprehended following the botched Bangkok bombing earlier this
week indicated that more attacks were in the works.

He stressed that the current intelligence points at a
clear Iranian involvement in all three of this week`s attacks
in New Delhi, Tblisi and Bangkok.

Israel has accused Iran and Hezbollah of being behind
twin bomb attacks that targeted Israeli embassy staff in India
and Georgia on Monday, wounding four people.

Iran has denied Israeli accusations that it was behind
attacks on Israeli embassy staff in Georgia and India, saying
it was "part of a propaganda war".

Hezbollah chief Hassan Nasrallah has also made it clear
that his Lebanese group had "nothing to do" with the attacks
on Israeli diplomats.

Thailand has arrested two Iranians in connection with a
series of blasts in Bangkok earlier this week, as Thai police
in Bangkok today said they were searching for two more
suspects, including an explosives expert, as the criminal
inquiry into the suspected Iranian plot targeting Israelis
overseas with magnetic bombs expanded.

Thai security forces earlier today stepped up security at
the country`s international airports and rail system over what
local police said is an Israeli warning against new terror


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