Iran is centre of moral corruption: Peres

Israeli President Shimon Peres said that Iran is a centre of moral corrption.

Washington: Israeli President Shimon Peres
has said that the international community should wary of Iran
acquiring nuclear weapons as the country was riddled by moral
corruption among top leadership.

"I do believe that Iran is today the centre of moral
corruption of our time. They kill people. They support terror.
They are highly ambitious, so it`s a problem not just for
Israel. Israel is just part of it. And I think the leaders of
the world understand it. They take it seriously," Peres told
the Charlie Rose Show in an interview.

"You know, Iran is not just a danger or a problem for
Israel. If Iran will win, you may, all of us, lose the
Middle East, and lose the oil supply," he alleged.

"It`s a very serious problem, and the group that is
running Iran today doesn`t have any respect for law, for
humanity, or for reason. You know, I remember the lectures
from (unintelligible), who said, "Of all corruptions in life,
moral corruption is the most dangerous one," Peres said.

Peres interview to the Charlie Rose show comes ahead
of the White House meeting between the Israeli Prime Minister
Benjamin Netanyahu and US President Barack Obama.

"I think he is coming in order to clarify it with the
president what should be the next step, how can we have a
clear position, which is quite clear, by the way.
Calling Obama a great President, Peres said, "I believe
he`s serious, we are not playing here politics, I think it`s
an important meeting, and I am sure we will reach an
agreement," he said.

"They only outlined, namely, that let`s do the maximum in
the way of economic and political pressure, and keep all the
option on the table, both of them said it," Peres said when
asked about what kind of agreement.

Peres said Israel and US are having the highest
level of cooperation on security.
"And if you ask me, I have the highest respect for
President Obama. He, too, has to face very difficult
situations outside and inside, but I think he`s a great
President and I think he`s a great friend (of Israel)," he

"I say it without any hesitations. I don`t want to
participate any of elections but that`s not the reason to say
the truth. I think the relations between America and Israel
are -- they are best and the most crucial issue of security is
the best we ever had," he said.


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