Iran launches probe into nuke delay

Iranian lawmakers say unloading has delayed the startup of plant by a year.

Updated: Apr 09, 2011, 10:24 AM IST

Tehran: A lawmaker says Iran`s Parliament has launched an investigation into repeated delays in the startup of the Bushehr nuclear power plant.

Gholam Ali Meigolinejad says the plant was expected to produce electricity in February but the Russian engineers building the plant ordered the removal of fuel from the reactor because of concerns that metal particles might be contaminating fuel assemblies. Foreign intelligence reports have said the control systems at Bushehr were penetrated by the mysterious computer worm known as Stuxnet.

Iranian lawmakers say the unloading has delayed the startup of the plant by a year. Bushehr was scheduled to start working in July 1999 but there have been repeated delays blamed on technical problems.
Bureau Report