Iranian Christian pastor accused of ‘apostasy’ re-arrested

An Iranian Christian pastor was imprisoned in Iran for converting from Islam to Christianity.

Washington: An Iranian Christian pastor, who was imprisoned in Iran for converting from Islam to Christianity, has been taken into custody again, media sources and people close to the pastor and his family, have said.

Youcef Nadarkhani, 35, had been summoned to return back to Lakan Prison in Rasht, the facility where he served time and was then released, based on the charge that he must complete the remainder of his sentence.

In September, the pastor was acquitted of apostasy, but the court maintained his three-year sentence for evangelising Muslims, Fox News reports.

According to the report, as he had already served close to three years, the pastor was freed after posting bail.

The court had then stated that the remainder, which equalled roughly 45 days, would be served in the form of probation, the report said.

Nadarkhani, married and father of two young children, came under the regime’s radar in 2006 when he applied for his church to be registered with the state, it added.

According to sources, he was arrested at that time and then soon released.