Iranian hackers hit government website: Bahrain

Bahrain claims Iranian computer hackers sought data on aid recipients.

Last Updated: May 02, 2011, 08:30 AM IST

Manama: Bahrain says Iranian computer hackers tried to access the official website of the Housing Ministry in attempts to seek data on aid recipients.

The report on Saturday on the Bahrain News Agency gave no other details. The island kingdom`s Sunni rulers are facing an uprising by the country`s Shi’ite majority, which is calling for greater rights. Throughout the turmoil they have accused Shi’ite power Iran of interfering in their affairs.

Bahrain and its Gulf Arab allies claim Iran is seeking to gain advantage from the unrest in the region.

The alleged hacking could be linked to Shi’ite allegations that a disproportionate share of housing aid goes to Sunnis.

The news agency also says Bahrain`s Chamber of Commerce is calling for a boycott of Iranian goods.

Bureau Report